[ Illustration: skolkovo.ru / animation: Igor Kosovskiy ]
Business School 

As part of the project it was necessary to solve the problem of poor navigation at the SKOLKOVO Business School. The school space is designed as a large disk without square corners, but there are many passages, which may confuse you when moving. Employees noted constant complaints from visitors who could not find the right room and were late for classes. And even after classes some visitors wandered and could not even find a way out of the building.

The most problematic points
[ Floor plans: skolkovo.ru / animation: Igor Kosovskiy ]

Since the use of floor navigation was unacceptable, we decided to use thees three types of navigation elements: pylons, columns and wall navigation. Each type solves its own navigation task in a particular place: across the territory, directions from zone to zone, inside zone to the room, and directions when leaving the zone. Additionally, for better perception of navigation they introduced color codes for each zone.
outdoore navigation

——— [ Entrance stele ]
——— [ Entrance stele / Design sketches ]
——— [ Navigation steles ]
Indoore information steles
——— [ General information stele / TV ]
——— [ General information stele / 9 x A3 ]
——— [ Zone Information stele / 4 x A3 ]
——— [ General information stele / 1 x A1 ]
Indoore Navigation elements

An integrated approach to solving the navigational problems of the campus includes three areas:
1. Navigation nearby zones: amplification of existing wall navigation
2. Navigation in the central hall and inside the zones: columns navigation elements
3. Navigation at the zones exits: digital pylons
— Recolor large English zone names according to the color coding of the zone.
— Supplement wall navigation with colored arrows in accordance with the color coding of the zone indicating the direction to a specific room within the zone.
— Add an indication of the direction to the room in the close proximity of the entrance to the zone.
—— [ Wall navigation / General view ]
—— [ Wall navigation / Part 1 ]
—— [ Wall navigation / Part 2 ]
—— [ Wall navigation / Detail ]
—— [ Wall navigation / Turn direction navigation element ] 
Column navigation elements
Usage of existing campus columns for navigation. Right direction can be indicated at the desired point due to the round shape of the column. 
—— [ Column navigation / Circular application ]
—— [ Circular application / Guideline ]
Campus visitors come across the problem of navigation, when they leave the classrooms, getting into radial halls and don’t understand which way to go. This can be solved with the installation of the digital pylons.

Digital pylon mechanics

The view from the camera located on the back side of the pylon is broadcasted on the screen. That is, the place where the pylon stands and in exactly the angle from which the visitor sees the space in front of him. Above the video there are graphical indicators showing all directions in the viewing area. In order to see how to get to a zone that is not indicated on the screen, you need to click on it at the bottom of the interface. When you click on the “SHOW” button, the video plays how to pass to the desired zone.

Central Hall Stair Design
SOME implemented elements detected 🔥
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Agency: LYRA / Art director: Igor Kosovskiy / Designers: Igor Kosovskiy, Daniil Nizamutdinov / 2017

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